Susana Sánchez Carballo

Costa Rica

  • City, State: Tibás, San José
  • Geographic Location: Central America
  • Languages: Español

About me:

Desde el 2000 he incursionado en la fotografía, la instalación y el arte público.
Actualmente estoy cursando una maestría en artes con énfasis en cinematografía en la Universidad de Costa Rica.

I'm passionate about:

Artes visuales, cine documental y arte público.

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Tap Into Women

Tap Into Women's Art in Mexico

Love I.M.O.W.? Then check out this incredible women's museum in Mexico that celebrates contemporary Mexican women artists. MUMA features captivating, controversial and political artwork such as Lorena Wolffer's renowned performance piece on the femicides in Ciudad Juarez. (Spanish)

Make Art, Make Change

Make Art, Make Change

Pencils and paintbrushes, video cameras and violins -- in the right hands, these can be powerful tools for social change. ArtCorps sends artists to Central America to work with community groups. Apply for a placement. -- English, Spanish

Stop Femicide in Mexico

Stop Femicide in Mexico

Sign the petition to stop femicide in Ciudad Juarez and Chihuanhua. Since 1993, over 450 women have been brutally murdered. The Mexican government has not taken adequate action to prevent or punish the murderers. Call on President Calderon to ensure justice for these women--English, Spanish


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From Economica:

Sex tourism in Costa Rica, where prostitution is legal, is a significant draw for the tourism industry and sometimes the only way for some Costa Rican women to earn a living. Despite this, prostitutes have no legal protection and are often scorned and ignored by general society. Susana Sanchez Carballo uses sculpture and public art to bring these women front and center.



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