Vanessa Biasetti

Costa Rica

  • City, State: Santa Barbara, Heredia
  • Geographic Location: Central America

About me:

Desde hace muchos años mi discurso plàstico ha intentado denunciar la violencia domèstica contra las mujeres a través de "herramientas" diarias elaborados con materiales naturales.

Exhibit change by:


I'm passionate about:

La lectura de temas històricos. Mùsica Folk, dar paseos en bicicleta o caminando. El mar.Conocer culturas. Los perros, la naturaleza.

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From Economica:

Woman, Money, and Domestic Violence

For many women in Costa Rica, their main job is at home, taking care of the children and the domestic sphere. But in times of economic struggle, unemployment, or poverty, tension rises-and so does the occurrence of domestic violence. In her work, sculptor Vanessa Biasetti explores what happens when the domestic sphere dominated by women is met with increased violence due to economic tensions.



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