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The Ancient One

About Me:

I am a writer , researcher , spiritual consultant , poet , psychic and cybershaman. I journey deeply into spiritual realms as I strive to cultivate an authentic self and use my mind in the highest way. It is my intent to dance in the suns freedom while facilitating self discovery and promoting goodwill and lovingkindness. I am a navigator of inner spheres who invokes growth of the soul and desires to live in harmony with earth and sky. The beauty of all living things inspires me to strive for perfect harmony and to serve all sentient beings. My wish is for a brighter tomorrow where we all live in harmony beneath celestial curtains of happiness and freedom.

Exhibit change by:

I have left my footprints in the wind as i travel a path of conscious intent. The womb of nature has caressed my spirit and inspired me to facilitate positive change as i seek to advance human understanding. I walk a rainbow trail where i embrace the world with love . Mine is a passionate vision nurtured by Mother Earth . Through exploraton and expression i seek to enhance the flow of positive energy for my fellow spiritual travelers. The simplicity of the soul is enchanting and endearing , it generates peace and love and inspires me to embrace the infinite life force while being a catalyst for conscious evolution.

I'm passionate about:

Mine is a pilgrimage to peace. I am a spiritual gardener sowing seeds of positive transformation. Life is a tapestry we weave each day and i seek to live by imagination while exploring new possibilities. I am attempting to actualize my highest vision while creating a spiritual environment of love , light and understanding. I walk a path of giving with a harmony that is omnipresent. Like a lullaby from a music box my soul plays a symphony that i may truly enjoy this dance of life.