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Brenda Paik Sunoo

About Me:

Third-generation Korean American writer and photojournalist. My husband, Jan, and I lived for 6 1/2 years in Hanoi, Vietnam (2002-2009). While living in SE Asia, I also traveled to Jeju Island, Korea to work on my third book about Korean women divers, known as "haenyeo." My first two books were published by Seoul Selection: "Seaweed and Shamans--Inheriting the Gifts of Grief" and "Vietnam Moment." I am also an online grief counselor with and a Reiki master.

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As a writer and photojournalist, I've focused on a different country for each of my book projects--to expand the bridge building between global citizens. Each book is an homage to USA (my native homeland), Vietnam (my adopted homeland) and Korea (my ancestral homeland).

I'm passionate about:

I lean toward the subject of women and healing--especially those who offer and find comfort through compassion, spirituality, and community. Very passionate about wellness issues and the aging population.