Mathilde Jansen

Netherlands, the

  • City, State: Amsterdam, North-Holland
  • Geographic Location: Europe

About me:

Exhibit change by:

By doing my work and being brave

I'm passionate about:

sustainable world economy, fair trade, innovation, green energy, Africa's potential, art, media, photography, video, network, drinking green tea in my hammock and listening to Beethoven or Barry White

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From Economica:

"Tanzania Unlimited, Ltd." is a collection of photos showcasing business in Africa. It focuses on Tanzania's economy, which has grown due to increased exports and other international trade. Though new industries are a boone to the nation's economy, participation in the global market also creates cultural tension. International companies often impose foreign social codes and structures onto Tanzanian society, creating a culture clash in the business arena. This tension, along with the country's ethnic diversity and growing local economy, sets the stage for Mathilde Jansen's documentary-style, collage, and set-up photography.


From Women, Power and Politics:

Body As Art

Many contemporary women artists use their body to make a political statement. Artist Ingrid Mwangi is one of them, creating work that is innovative, visually striking and often shocking. She spent the first 15 years of her life in Kenya and has been living in Germany ever since. Through photography, performance, sound, installation and video, she's created a "body of work" that questions both social and political conventions. Mwangi writes: My body is the only thing that I own... I react, interpret and question the clichés and stereotypes with which I am faced... I use art to awaken consciences.

From Women, Power and Politics:

Seeds of Resistance
"Seeds are our mother," declares physicist and activist Vandana Shiva, founder of the revolutionary Indian seed-saving organization Navdanya. The organization's name translates as "nine crops." Its mission: To support local farmers and rescue and conserve crops that are being pushed into extinction. "Seed is the first link in the food chain," explains Shiva. "Saving seed is our duty, sharing seed is our culture."


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