Cara Lopez Lee

United States

  • City, State: Denver, CO
  • Geographic Location: North America

About me:

Cara Lopez Lee is the author of "They Only Eat Their Husbands," coming soon from Ghost Road Press. This memoir explores her 9 years in the Last Frontier, where she landed in a series of destructive relationships with alcoholics, and the year she ran away from that life to backpack around the world alone.

Cara is the creator of "Girls Trek Too," a workshop, website and blog dedicated to helping women create, survive and enjoy their own adventures. An avid traveler and photographer, she has journeyed throughout Asia, Africa, Latin America, Europe and most of the 50 United States.

Cara has worked as a TV reporter in Alaska and North Carolina. Her articles have appeared in such publications as the LA Times, Denver Post and Santa Fe New Mexican. She has also written for shows on HGTV, Food Network and Discovery Health. She has earned 11 awards from the Alaska Press Club, and 2 from the Denver Woman's Press Club.

Cara got married at an active volcano in Costa Rica in 2003. She and her husband survived both dangers, and now live in Denver.

Exhibit change by:

I am writing books that I hope will empower women, and all people: to recover from old wounds and discover the unique possibilities that lie within themselves, to have compassion for those who are different, and to take steps big or small to effect positive change in the world around them.

I'm passionate about:

I am passionate about empowering women, reducing global warming, and ensuring that all people have access to clean water.

I'm learning to live both bigger and smaller. To live bigger: I'm offering my writing services to causes that empower women. To live smaller: I'm riding my bike, walking, and leaving my car at home more often.

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