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  • Geographic Location: Africa

About me:

I.M.O.W. Global Council Member Joyce Mungherera is a retired social and political activist in Uganda, who through her vision, determination and leadership has been an important force in empowering women not only in her own country, but throughout Africa. She recently retired from her positions of national executive director of the YWCA-Uganda and vice president of YWCA worldwide. The Y-Uganda now has 1.6 million paying members and a staff of one thousand, and as a result of Joyce’s leadership, she and the YWCA are trusted and respected grassroots advocates. The government of Uganda entrusted the organization to administer Uganda’s first revolving credit scheme for rural women. The experiment was so successful that Joyce then worked to establish a rural women’s bank in Uganda.

Using the YWCA as a network, Joyce developed innovative educational, economic, health and social programs for women and children. Under her leadership, a successful micro-credit service and numeric training program for women was established. Joyce has also been an outspoken advocate against domestic violence in Africa, which plays a critical role in exposing women to HIV/AIDS. Joyce served on many United Nations committees and was involved in the planning of the Beijing Conference on Women in 1995.

Exhibit change by:

Former Vice President, World YWCA
Retired Executive Director, YWCA of Uganda
Council Member, Hunger Project Uganda

I'm passionate about:

Women's rights

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From Economica:

I.M.O.W. Global Council member Joyce Mungherera, former vice president of the World YWCA and Freedom from Hunger laureate, argues that supporting women by focusing on the grassroots can be the best way to advance a community. Mungherera has seen grassroots organizing work firsthand; she served as the executive director of the YWCA in Uganda for 30 years, working from the ground up to improve women's literacy, access to family planning and overall quality of life. Under her direction, what began as a small, grassroots operation is now a 1.5 million member organization, and one of the largest non-governmental operations in Uganda.



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