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Lynn Henriksen, The Story Woman

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Lynn Henriksen, The Story Woman, discovered a profound way to keep our mothers’ spirits alive after she witnessed Alzheimer’s disease ravage her mother’s mind. She has helped hundreds of daughters and sons capture in brief memoirs the memories and feelings they never thought they could record.

She coined the term Mother Memoir and developed The Story Woman Method to demystify writing memoir and provide unique views and food-for-thought for writers of any level to create true and telling tales, Keeping Spirits Alive. Her new book, TellTale Souls: The Story Woman Method to Write the Mother Memoir is slated to be published Summer 2012.

Lynn, president of the Women’s National Book Association - San Francisco Chapter 2009-2011 and member of the California Writers Club, is an alumna of Dominican University and a member of the Psi Chi Chapter of the National Honor Society in Psychology. Her career has been rich and varied as an entrepreneur, business woman, author, memoirist, writing coach, and presenter. Lynn is the mother of a son and two daughters, the grandmother of two, and she lives with her husband in the San Francisco Bay area.

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Whether or not they've have ever written anything before, I inspire and teach women to Tap Memory & Write Mother Memoir, bio-vignettes that capture the character of their mothers to Keep Spirits Alive. As we come together, connect, and share the true tales of women from various backgrounds, ages, ethnicities, and cultures, the universality of the female soul is undeniable.

I'm passionate about:

The special niche I call Mother Memoir is my passion, where looking closely into the character and spirit of mother (or mother figure) is paramount and ultimately takes us to the essence of the female soul. Exploring the makeup of women from their positive attributes to their darker sides and the gray shades in between leads to new heights in understanding what it means to be women. My passion reaches beyond teaching women to write short, true tales to providing a place for TellTale Souls to share their Mother Memoirs with women from all walks of life. I believe that the intimate stories revealing the very core of our mothers, when taken together in a brilliant assemblage, illustrate that we are, at once, one and all.