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nuruL H.

About Me:

I'm currently in the midst of finishing up my postgraduate studied in anthropology/sociology. Am a freelance curator & writer. I'm very passionate about photography, film, and audiovisuals. They are my media to methods of storytelling & sharing, which I believe to be empowering in stirring awareness & change.

Exhibit change by:

I engage with a variety of media - namely photography, audiovisuals, the written word, and installations - as a way to evoke or provoke certain levels of awareness and hopefully, bring about change. 'Change', which can manifest in tangible and intangible ways. Potent symbolisms.
Equipped with 6 years of 'schooled' knowledge, I also make use of social research methods as a way to collect data, gain access, and provide information. 'Documentary' and 'Life Histories', as methods, deeply interest me. 'Art' and the 'Social Science'. I'm trying to find a way to fuse these two in my aim to develop a platform for change.

I'm passionate about:

I've had a long relationship with 'water'. I believe water is a measure of one's standard of living - to have access to clean water for consumption.

Education is also an issue I've been concerned with. How we teach or relay certain aspects of history & everyday life issues (like ethnicity, sexuality, things that happen globally) to our children affect their attitudes towards 'others' and their own sense of 'self', which I find very important.

Women's issues have also been one close to my heart. As a fellow women, a fellow human, I believe that, we are all equal. Regardless. No injustice is justiable.

And lastly, I am passionate about people. Their lives, their stories. As Ani Difranco sings:
"wondering about all the things
that I'll never understand
there are some things that you can't know
unless you've been there
but oh how far we could go
if we started to share"
-Work your Way Out