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Rita Lawn Meacham

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By my work. Here is an excerpt from Work in Progress:

And I’m the one I must care about –which is why my little girl inside was grumbling/scared about the direction this story/memoir was taking. Don’t worry little girl. I have everything under control. I am not going to l let him bully me anymore. I have paid my own dues. And I have paid yours too—for our lifetime. Paid our, both of our lifetime dues. Now, all we have to do to give the man respect, honor and dignity. Notice I did not say we had to give him our blankets or our souls. Remember that. Because we do not. Remember that. We do not have to give him our blankets, whatever they are, or our souls. Remember that, sweetie. I love you. I might be able to sleep tonight. I hope you can too. Yeah. Snuggle up, sweetie. We’ll turn out the light. Good night, sugarbabey—friend o mine.

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Writing. The poor and afflicted. I am against perversity in all its places. I am about finding a place for the people that most everyone but God and their mothers have forgotten. This has to take place on a very local basis, in very minute ways, sometimes. When the physical melds into the spiritual we help people.