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About Me:

I was born and raised in New York, USA, but within the culture and traditions my parents brought from Ukraine. I spoke Ukrainian before English, studied Ukrainian history with my father, and the crafts and folk art forms with my mother. Of what I learned, embroidery and pysanka writing has made the most profound effect on my visual art expression, and plays a prominent role in my work.

When it came time for me to leave home, I made the choice to live in a much more rural setting. I feel it is important to live in a place where nature can be a part of my every day life in a big way. To have a garden, to grow my own food and medicine is something I can not imagine living without ever again.

Exhibit change by:

While I'm inspired by ancient, thousands-of-years-old traditions, I incorporate them into my work in a new way, combining the old with the new. The subject matter of my work is also a combination of old and new-- I feel a powerful need to cultivate ancient herbal wisdom. Somehow, much of today's culture has reversed the integral importance of plants and their powers in our lives, creating a negative stereotype of 'weeds', murdering them with lethal chemicals which in turn poison the Earth, and finally coming back to us. My work is intended to call attention to this horrible misunderstanding and to return these plants to a place of recognition, respect and reverence.

I'm passionate about:

I am passionate about my culture and I am passionate about plants. The parts of my culture which have touched me the deepest are the parts which have pagan roots, which is directly connected to my reverence for mother nature and coexisting with her, not living off of and abusing her.