Alina Chau

United States

  • City, State: Glendale, cA
  • Geographic Location: North America

About me:

Alina received her Master in Fine Art degree from UCLA. She directed and produced three internationally acclaimed animated short films. Currently, she works for Technicolor as a CG animator. She is also a part time professor at Woodbury University. Her recent production credits include: Metal of Honor, Silent Hill, God of War II, Gear of War, Spyro, Saint Row, Narnia DVD etc.. She lives in Los Angeles.

"Ice-Cream Monster Galleria”

Arts Blog:
"Ice-Cream Monster Toon Cafe"

Exhibit change by:

I hope to use visual arts as an expressive medium to make the world a better place.

I'm passionate about:

Environmental protection, human rights, liberty, education, culture and arts appreciation

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From Economica:

Using cliches from financial language, artist Alina Chau presents a fanciful depiction of the current economic climate in her piece, "Bear and Bull," created especially for Economica: Women and the Global Economy. The term "bear market" refers to a period in which the prices of securities fall rapidly, resulting in widespread pessimism among investors, while "bull market" represents a period where the market is expected to rise, creating optimism and confidence among investors. In "Bear and Bull," Chau depicts this oversimplified characterization of the financial market, and shows how the general public can get caught in the crossfire.  

From Economica:

During the current economic crisis, more families than ever will be struggling with unemployment and trying to make ends meet while hoping for a better future. My piece is meant to reflect the everyday life of normal people, who may not be directly affected by the larger conflicts in the world--such as war, terrorism, or political unrest--but are deeply affected by the economic crisis, which is also beyond their control. The family of mice is my take on the metaphor "poor as a church mouse," and the cheese on top of the car represents the limited assets that the family must share.


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