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About Me:

I am a single mother and freelance writer. I have an Organization, Artists in Communities South (AIC South) We encourage the development of talents, ideas, dreams and personalities through the arts. This is a small grassroots organization who still believes in the power of a few can make a collective, ever-moving change for the better.

Exhibit change by:

I am Change. I have always strived to rise above whatever life throws at me and learn from it and see the good. This to me is the force behind change, taking what you have, making it work and finding a way to remain positive to believe that there are better things coming and that hope springs eternal. Always mindful of others you can aid on their journey as I have been aided on mine.

I'm passionate about:

I am passionate about nurturing the light we are all born with, the light that is our birth right. This take various forms. My gift is seeking those out who feel they haven't the right or are not worthy, by birth or circumstance to shine.