Umayyah Cable

United States

  • City, State: San Francisco, CA
  • Geographic Location: North America
  • Languages: English, some Arabic

About me:

Umayyah Cable is a freelance documentary photographer and writer based in San Francisco, California. She graduated from Smith College in 2005 with a degree in American Studies and has spent the last several years independently pursuing documentary and portrait projects. Umayyah's dedication to documentary photography is fueled by her passion for political and social justice. On a more basic level, she uses photography as a medium of understanding, a visual mechanism through which people may discover things and thoughts that are normally shielded from them by the dominant hegemony. As a Palestinian American, a feminist, and a Queer woman her perspective is not often seen in mainstream media and she is determined to share her vision in the name of cultural education.

Umayyah is also a traditional, silver gelatin, master printer for a small studio of film-based family portrait photographers in San Francisco. While not working in the darkroom, she focuses on her photography, maintains a political blog (, rides her bike, and spends precious last moments with her Polaroid cameras. To see more of her photographs, please visit &

I'm passionate about:

Freeing Palestine, Feminism, Queer Politics

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From Exhibiting You:

In Palestine, women are quietly surviving. In spite of the continuing Israeli occupation, Palestinian women are struggling to maintain their culture, their heritage, and their way of life. Palestinian-American photographer Umayyah Cable documented the daily lives of women living in the West Bank. She learned that women are the backbone of Palestinian cultural survival.



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