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Haya was born and brought up in Pakistan where she learned the basics of art during her early years in school. She enrolled for further studies at the Maryland Institute, College of Art and Design (USA), graduating in 1999 with a major in Visual Communications. Whilst studying there, she won a Presidential Scholarship and a Merit Scholarship.

After graduating she made New York her home, working in the creative department of an ad agency for several years before moving to Pakistan. Once back home, her passion for painting rekindled and presently, she is an Art Instructor at the International School (Karachi, Pakistan).

Haya believes she educates herself more and more each day while she teaches others. Hers is a journey that is passionate, sincerely dedicated to what she terms as hopefully the never ending thesis of her existence.

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Exhibit change by:

through knowledge gained and imparted...

I'm passionate about:

Literacy, women, orphans.

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Add Your Name--<br>Stop Domestic Violence

Add Your Name--
Stop Domestic Violence

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The International Violence Against Women Act

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From Exhibiting You:

I believe one expands one's arc of knowledge as they read. Pesonally, I grew more spiritual as I started to read the Qur'an. Reading and reciting the Arabic text was an act of devotion for me; the alphabet turned into words and the words turned into the names of God. Expanding the Arc explores, by merging the Arabic alphabet and the calligraphic Arabic names of God, the gradual and continuous expansion of our understanding and knowledge. I call this intellectual and spiritual growth "expanding my arc of knowledge."


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