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Humaira Abid picks up ordinary images from everyday life and makes them extraordinary. Her basic interest is situations in ‘relationships’ and their after effects. Some of her work is humorous, some ironical. Her themes are timeless. The presentation is contemporary. She turns, carves, constructs in wood with great skill and detailing. Humaira is a graduate from National College of Arts Lahore, Pakistan with Honors in the year 2000. She majored in Sculpture, with Miniature as her double minor. Humaira joined NCA as a lecturer in 2001. Currently she is visiting Assistant Professor at National College of Arts and Beaconhouse National University, Lahore. Humaira lives and works in Lahore, Pakistan and Seattle, WA, USA.
Humaira is one of a small number of female sculptors to rise to the top of her field in Pakistan as well as internationally. Her commitment to her artistic career is illustrated by her continuous pursuit and participation in number of art residencies, art exhibitions, symposiums and workshops.
Humaira's work has gained international recognition for its originality and excellence and has won her a gold medal. She has exhibited her exquisite work nationally and internationally including in Malaysia, India, Mauritius, Nepal, Kenya, Dubai, Bolivia, Germany, Russia, UK and USA.
Her work has been exhibited in prestigious galleries and museums throughout the world and been published in books, catalogues and newspapers internationally.

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I am impelled to contribute to art and society with an unusually creative and productive life.

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From Exhibiting You:

Wood has the capacity to breathe life into a sculpture and capture the essence of its form. Humaira Abid utilizes the organic properties of this material to give her art a rich delicacy that juxtaposes the material's inherent hardness. In Perfect Figure, for example, the rigid outline she carved to represent a corset nevertheless evokes the soft quality of a woman's figure. In Clew in Wood, Abid has intricately carved a depth that is reminiscent not only of a ball of ribbon but the layers of skin and the complexity of a woman's body and soul.


From Economica:

The materials mahogany and bronze are hard, dark and traditionally associated with men and masculinity. By sculpting the feminine experience out of these materials, Humaira Abid blurs the line between genders and the roles stereotypically allotted to them. In these works, Abid reintroduces the masculine into her sculptures in the forms of male shoes, shirts and razors, but by juxtaposing these objects next to pacifiers, bottles and blouses, she explores the roles men play in parenting as they increasingly assume more "maternal" roles in childcare. As men share in the parenting process more equally, women are free to assume different roles in the workplace and beyond.



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