Shiloh Sophia McCloud

United States

  • City, State: Healdsburg, CA
  • Geographic Location: North America
  • Age: 44

About me:

Itty Bitty Bio: Shiloh Sophia McCloud - Visionary Artist Teacher and Publisher

Shiloh Sophia McCloud has dedicated the past sixteen years of her life to the study and practice of art as a spiritual discipline as well as to helping equip women with the tools and understanding to develop their own creative potential.

Shiloh's artwork is committed to providing healing images and teachings about women and family.

Shiloh teaches at several colleges throughout the Bay Area in California, as well as in her own classroom. The focus of her teachings is intentional creativity and visionary life work.

"The work of a woman visionary is to the know the past, dream the future, and take powerful action in the present." lives and teaches a philosophy that all art forms are tools for individual, social and spiritual transformation. Thousands of women have deepened in their creative practice through Shiloh's illustrated Color of Woman journals and her workshops.

Shiloh is the founder of Cosmic Cowgirls Ink LLC, a woman and girl owned publishing company that produces collaborative tools for transformation. Shiloh's paintings are internationally collected and her product line is represented at galleries and fine shops throughout the Unites States.

Exhibit change by:

My work can change the way women view themselves and encourage then to shine. Through creating images that are about who we are and who we can become and what is possible for our lives - we are reminded that change is something we can choose.I exhibit change through encouraging all women to be creative and reminding us that every bone in our body is a creative bone.

I work with women who have not painted sometimes in 40 years - and have felt repressed all that time. Through accessing her own internal wisdom regarding her creative self, healing occurs.

I believe that it is through our creativity that we are able to unviel the self that we most wish to be and the gifts that accompany that self. Creativity gives VOICE to the soul. And so...I put my energy into inviting women to create.

As a full time artist and teacher everything I create is a prayer for our possibility. I have been representing the work of women artists in prime retail locations for over ten years - as well as publishing the word and images of women authors and illustrators.

I also create Rights of Passage experiences with young girls that include painting, journaling and ritual making.

Through our publishing company, Cosmic Cowgirls Ink, LLC we work to create a venue, platform and community in which women have an opportunity to share their work. Our books and cards are represented in venues across the United States and Canada.

I'm passionate about:

I am very passionate about ending violence against women and girls. I am also very dedicated to providing images that inspire us about who we are and our possibilities so that women and girls can learn to see themselves differently. I have dedicated much of my life to teaching art - and making creativity more available to others. My ministry is focused on offering tools for transformation through creativity as a sacred practice.

am passionate about giving voice to the work of women and girls. In my lifetime I am committed to working together with others to change the way women and girls are viewed in the media. One of the ways I do that is to publish alternative media so that there are options for us to choose that represent more of who we experience ourselves to be. I am also VERY passionate about the practice of intentional creativity and making that available to others.

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A call for all of us to remember and cherish Mother Nature.


From Exhibiting You:

With an intention to empower and inspire women around the world, artist and healer Shiloh Sophia McCloud and Pulitzer Prize-winning author Alice Walker collaborated to create this Poets and Artists cards line. Published by Palm of Her Hand, a revolutionary publishing company owned by women and girls that McCloud founded, the posters and cards feature Walker's poetry and McCloud's designs. In addition to the slideshow featuring the cards, McCloud offers a personal story of friendship and collaboration with Alice Walker.



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