Barbara J Hunt

United Kingdom

  • Geographic Location: Europe
  • Languages: English. The Language Of The Heart.

About me:

I write and sing songs of the One Heart - love songs to the universe, singing it back to itself in delight and celebration of the awesome privilege of existence...

I write and sing everything from lullabies and tender acoustic songs to more uptempo edgy tracks and love to do guest vocals on hardcore dance music!

Imagine the sweet, clear voice of a loving angel, combined with the puzzling mind of a philosopher, the warm heart of a passionate woman and the soul of an ecstatic mystic, and accompany that with an idiosyncratic guitar style (often in open tunings) like Joni Mitchell-meets-John Martyn and that's mainly what I sound like!

My Web site:

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Exhibit change by:

I make myself available to the evolutionary process as consciously as I can - to see what wants to be made manifest through me next... Most recently, I've been loving singing lullabies to all the little babies of the world..!

I'm passionate about:

I'm passionate about the evolution of consciousness and culture and what's possible when we co-create. I love Barbara Marx Hubbard's idea that the future is us combining our "genius" (not just our genes) with each other - and I am so excited about the potential within us when we can get enough of our egoic behaviour out of the way and show up as the One authentic, evolutionary Self, manifesting in a myriad of forms, and LONGING to co-create!

When we choose to act not just in our individual best interests, but for the good of the whole, and make every choice a reflection of our collective heart, I really believe we can co-create Heaven on Earth.... It's possible if enough of us want it passionately enough!!

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From Exhibiting You:

I read Marianne Williamson's inspirational book A Return to Love back in the 1990s and loved it. A quote from the book, often attributed to Nelson Mandela, has cropped up frequently in the years since. In 2007, I decided to set the quote to music. It almost felt like a directive from somewhere beyond myself. The quote is very powerful in the way it encourages us to recognize that sacred part in each of us that is the essence of us.


From Exhibiting You:

Every Woman
In part, this song is a tribute to my grandmothers: both inspiring, loving and creative women. However, this song honors all women, in every stage of their lives.  


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