Mariana Castro De Ali

United States

  • Geographic Location: North America
  • Languages: Spanish, English

About me:

"I use multimedia in my art exhibitions including audio and video. My art has been somewhat provocative, raw, edgy, and visceral. Through my work I intend to give voice to immigrants, minorities and people suffering from different maladies. I seek inspiration from within daily mundane routines. I use common elements of everyday life such as sales receipts, price tags,coffee filters, tea bags, threads, tampons, and common conversations. I enjoy the juxtaposition of opposite elements such us the sacred and the profane, the inspiring and the debilitating, the kitsch and the chaste, the obvious and the ambiguous"

My Web site:

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From Exhibiting You:

I created Domestication to stimulate my audience's imagination of a better world; I wanted the viewers to leave with a sense of appreciation for life, to celebrate their gender and to demand sustainable ways of producing food without harming people.

Morgan Levey interviewed Mariana Castro De Ali for I.M.O.W. Read the interview.


From Economica:

Artist Mariana Castro De Ali uses bird migration as a metaphor for the ordeal immigrants face daily. Whether they are being hunted by governments or law enforcement, weighed down by debt and unemployment, or facing a lack of social services, immigrants must do what it takes to survive.



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