Lidya Tchakerian

United States

  • City, State: Canyon Country, CA
  • Geographic Location: North America

About me:

I was born in Lebanon “THE JEWELE OF THE MIDDEL EAST”,

I remember my wonderful childhood with my loving parents of Armenian descent, family of four boys and two girls, and recall playing in nice sunny days where the worm of the sun falls on your face leaving the feeling of cosines and the breeze of the Mediterranean see blowing in your face and hair as if you were in a fairy tail movie or in a paradise

In winter, at nights we would walk under the pouring rain with the thunders and lightening flying on our heads as if the sky was falling but at the end of the day everything was all right, there were no hurricanes or tornadoes coming on our way,

We were safe.

One day everything changed there was war, civil war, neighbor against neighbor, brother against brother, every night the bombarding never stopped on residential areas and next day hoping to see familiar faces again, we would pick up pieces to make it all right, it is ironic the way survival instinct works, how after damage of a neighborhood and loss of friends and neighbors people clean up the place and pick up peaces of broken hearts to make it all right.

I guess every thing comes out in deferent ways, as of me the colors were my salvation.

I hope my paintings will be salvation to others who have gone true the same experience

My Web site:

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Exhibit change by:

Love yourself then love will manifest in your experience
Make peace with yourself then peace will manifest itself in your experience.

I'm passionate about:

Art, love, Peace.

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