Diane Bush

United States

  • City, State: Las Vegas, NV
  • Geographic Location: North America
  • Languages: English

About me:

Photographer doing social and political satire, using Photography and sometimes photos and sound.

Exhibit change by:

I try to make people think about their conditions by using humor while commenting on changes in the climate, in our cultural climate, and current politics.

I'm passionate about:

Freedom of speech,other basic human freedoms, women's rights, protecting the environment.

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From Economica:

Around the world, women are considered commodities. Many women's families force them into marriage against their will by selling them, and beautiful, honorable women are thought to fetch a higher bride price. Because women are viewed as property, they have limited rights--a man can do anything to his own property. A brutal form of punishment has left hundreds of women and girls disfigured by acid attacks--a common crime in some countries, committed against women who rebuff admirers, disobey their husbands or even simply attend school. Artist Diane Bush hopes to use her artwork to bring these crimes to light, raise funds from commissions and donate money to Doctors Without Borders as a means of assisting victims of acid attacks worldwide.


From Community:

This Pre-shoe art protest was an inter-active community art/street-theater protest by a local photographer to recognize the 35 articles of Impeachment read to Congress in 2008. The event took place Oct 3, at the Las Vegas Arts District's First Friday art festival.  


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