Amal Ashtal-Durri


  • Geographic Location: Middle East and North Africa
  • Languages: Arabic; English;
  • Age: 29

Exhibit change by:

Through learning, critical thinking, and dialogue; self-reflection, optimism, and commitment to hard and conscientious work

I'm passionate about:

women's movements and activism, particularly in Arab and Muslim contexts; gender mainstreaming; and development economics and politics

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Women majority parliaments: The case of Rwanda

4 posts | Thursday, October 16, 2008 9:31 AM


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From Exhibiting You:

This article, about women and religious groups in Yemen, was previously published in Yemen Today. It examines a recent incident where religious groups opposed a minimum marriage age law by putting it in a historical perspective, and analyzes the usage of Shari'a (Islamic Law) and Constitution by religious groups against the women's movement in Yemen.



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