Teresa Serrano


  • City, State: Mexico City, DF
  • Geographic Location: North America
  • Age: 77

About me:

I am an sculptress and video artist. As a video artist and film maker I have been working with gender issues for a while. I have dealt with different subjects, including sexual harassment in the MIA series (1998), family violence in the video Ritual (2000), assassinations of women (especially the horrible serial killings in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico) in the video La piñata (2003), and other themes like the existential problems of contemporary single mothers regarding motherhood and their private lives, Control remoto (2001). My last short film, "Glass Ceilling 2008" is about women facing an invisible limitation blocking advancement to the highest levels of their professionals to deal with that form of sexism.

Exhibit change by:

I do not know if I exhibit change, I just try to appoint problems without any moral coment.

I'm passionate about:

My concern has always been women issues.

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