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nina yankowitz

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I am a visual artist who creates artworks that are excavations for levity buried inside the serious while attempting to expand commonly accepted definitions.

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My artworks are the vehicle I use to voice my feelings and thoughts regarding change. For example, In the process of unearthing lost contributions from artists excluded from exhibitions reviewing Feminist Art from the 1970’s, I found myself discovering lost contributions of women scientists unrecognized for their important discoveries, an issue I’ve addressed in my artworks

I'm passionate about:

I'm interested in uncovering 'Buried Treasures.'I would like to see survey exhibits that deal with Feminist Art from the 70’s for example, or any initial survey exhibits attempting to create a true portrait of an era, curate some initial exhibits similar to cultural “survey” exhibits that adhere to commonly applied guidelines found in historical museum exhibits. I then could look forward to amplifying the scene by curatorial presentations with revisionist perspectives for reconsideration. Maybe then, valuable artistic and influential works made by artists who reflected their time will remain for future generations to discover, simultaneously halting the deletion of important contributions disappearing, as if aliases dragged into the trash-Poof!