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Andre Sheldon

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Since 9/11/2001, I have been a peace activist. I am a person, a male, a member of Women's International League for Peace and Freedom (WILPF), the National Organization of Women (NOW), supporter of CODEPINK, and a member my local peace group, Newton Dialogues on Peace and War. I work as a Real Estate Broker

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My efforts to exhibit change are to tell everyone that I am a peace activist. I tell them that I have developed an initiative where everyone can participate. It is called a Global Strategy of Nonviolence (

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After reading the Chalice and the Blade, by Riane Eisler, I became totally dedicated to supporting what Eisler called a cultural transformation theory. It states that society can change from a male-dominated society to a partnership society. Eisler states there is evidence of it happening already. My role is to thrust the effort into the mainstream as a means for preventing and stopping war, which also ultimately affects all humanitarian issues and invariably, all women's issues.