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Dana E. Whitaker

About Me:

I am a personal and professional coach and speaker emboldening women to live authentic, purposeful, passion-fueled lives. Author of Transforming Lives $40 at a Time, Women + Microfinance: Upending the Status Quo, a book about women microentrepreneurs around the world, I teach people, through my book and talks, about the power of microfinance, what we can learn from some of the world's poorest yet most resilient women about what it takes to make significant changes in our lives, and about the mutual benefits of of helping others. I sit on two boards: Women's Initiative for Self Employment and Women Advancing Microfinance (WAM) NorCal.

Exhibit change by:

Helping women live full lives, personally and professionally; sharing my time and expertise as a volunteer with women's groups, both domestic and international.

I'm passionate about:

empowering women to find and follow their passions, overcome fears that may hold them back, promoting microfinance as a viable vehicle for poverty alleviation and wealth creation, inside and out