Naina Holsve


  • City, State: Roskilde, Sjaelland
  • Geographic Location: Europe
  • Languages: Norwegian, English, Swedish, Danish.

About me:

Norwegian mother of 3, now living in Denmark. Profession: supervisor economy. Has always been and will always be concerned about peoples right to live free and prosperous lives.

Exhibit change by:

Mostly through internet communities and sharing knowledge for inspiration and emotional strength. Translating inspirational books from English to Norwegian to share with my fellow countrymen and women. Currently working on a website that will inspire Norwegian women to become the best leaders in both business and politics.

I'm passionate about:

How female compassion and strength can change the world, as long as we stand together and refuse to listen to the worlds most powerful leaders - leaders that are taking actions on our behalf, based on fear and a competitive mind.

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