Roshanak B


  • Geographic Location: Middle East and North Africa
  • Languages: Persian, Azeri, French, English

About me:

Roshanak Bahramlou, painter and photographer, left her native Iran for studying fine arts in Paris. Quickly she was struck by the passion of painting and especially photography. Mentored many years by Reza, international photojournalist for National Geographic, Roshanak began her career as a professional photographer by focusing on women issues and is the author of Femmes dans la cité (Immigrant Women in the Paris Suburbs), Azerbaïdjan, portrait d'une transition (Azerbaidjan, portrait of a transition) (by UNICEF) and Intimités Afghanes (by UNESCO). She covered various countries such as Egypt, Cuba, Afghanistan, Azerbaijan and Iran and her work has been published in Marie Claire, Elle, Paris-Match, and other publications. Since 2001, after the fall of the Taliban, she had been a regular collaborator of NGO Aina, founded by photojournalist Reza, in Afghanistan. In 2003, Roshanak spent an entire year in Kabul as the Art director of the children magazine Parvaz. In this period she worked on the Intimités Afghanes project, originally depicting Afghan women in their daily life.

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From Women, Power and Politics:

Intimités Afghanes
In 2003, during a one year mission in Afghanistan for NGO Aina which supports Afghans journalists, I started documenting the private and daily life of women, in a country where they had gone through social annihilation.  


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