Nancy, Lived Learning

United States

  • City, State: Monterey, CA
  • Geographic Location: North America
  • Languages: English
  • Age: 64

About me:

I am a 58 year old second generation Italian American woman living in beautiful Monterey, CA, where I did most of my growing up. I am educated in participatory methods, with an unfinished PhD from CA Intstitute of Integral Studies. Cancer has been an amazing journey and my survival a miracle. Challenge as an opportunity seems to be a truism. The hardest part is allowing in and finding support.

Exhibit change by:

I take charge of my inner life AND I consult with trusted friends whose intelligence and heart I respect, then I move. Change is not easy for me but growth is a pleasure and I thrive on those who are also interested in meeting and engaging with passion.

I'm passionate about:

My passion is conscious engagement, learning from my experiences and being in community that matters, that creates good for all.

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