• City, State: NAIROBI, NAIROBI
  • Geographic Location: Africa
  • Age: 39

About me:

I am a women activist and out to fight for the rights of all especially women. With the realisation of women rights comes the childre and all community's well being. Empower a woman and you will have empowered the whole community.

Exhibit change by:

Yes I believe in change and out to change the usual which has left our majority in poverty due to cultural believes, religious believe and uneven education patterns that favour men to women in third world countries.

I'm passionate about:

1. Women empowerment both financially and rights 2. youth empowerment to create self employment 3. create a world network that realises a movement which will be unstoppable to attain all millenium goals by dealing direcly with people on the ground.

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What Difference Do Women Make?

29 posts | Tuesday, February 24, 2009 3:02 AM


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