United States

  • City, State: Midland, TX
  • Geographic Location: North America
  • Languages: English

About me:

I am a physician and am also dedicated to and defined by this profession. I am a freethinker and libertarian. I live independently but am not alone. Two cats are my immediate companions and I cherish good human friendship. I am involved in environmental causes. Avocations include music, literature, writing. I love to travel and experience new worlds.

Exhibit change by:

I try to reinvent myself periodically.

I'm passionate about:

I am passionate about humanistic principles. About relationships and friendship. About justice and caring. I believe in the power of Goddess and that everything around me is alive with this force. It is the source of goodness and creativity, of nurturing and growth. And it should be our purpose in life to worship this, and to share the joy of such an existence with others. I seek the companionship of others who have love of life.

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