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Do you CARE?

Do you CARE?

Join CARE in its fight to empower women around the world. Find out how to get involved.

Say NO to AFSPA!

Say NO to AFSPA!

Help repeal the law that gives military the authority to arrest, shoot and kill on suspicion alone. Sign the petition and stop human rights violations in Manipur. -- English

Respect Everyone Everywhere

Respect Everyone Everywhere

If you can no longer remain silent, then this is the time to put your foot down. Join Respect-ev, sign their petition and help stop female genital mutilation. --English, French, Dutch, Portuguese, Spanish

Design a Political Poster

Design a Political Poster

Favianna designs incredible political posters and puts them online for all social activist use. In the service of social justice, use freely those black and white stickers in any and all of your leaflets, newsletters, banners and picket signs. Browse the artwork.

Are you a Smart Voter?

Are you a Smart Voter?

Are you a new voter and unsure of how to really vote? Don't know where your polling place is? For all your voting and election information, visit the non-partisan League of Women Voters' Web site. 


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From Women, Power and Politics:

Egypt: We Are Watching You
In 2005, Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak announced the country's first multi-party elections. Three professional women with no experience in political activism decided to make sure the elections were really fair and free through their own initiative and the power of the Internet. In the documentary Egypt: We Are Watching You, directors Shereif Elkatsha and Jehane Noujaim give us a glimpse of democracy in Egypt through the lens of this firebrand trio and their Web site, I.M.O.W. reviewed the film.

From Women, Power and Politics:

Muslim Women Engage in Politics

Featured Community Voice: Rania Matar

Lebanese-born photographer Rania Matar, who currently lives in the United States, frequently travels back to her native country. On her last trip home in 2007, she documented the changing and striking ways in which Lebanese Muslim women are engaging in politics.

From Exhibiting You:

Embrace Your Age
The relationship between women and age is legendary and poses many questions. As a portrait artist, I have noticed that women of all ages refuse to accept themselves as they are. They want to be "retouched" and fixed to look younger, thinner, more like magazine models, and to erase all the beautiful marks of their wisdom and experience. Does youth equal beauty? Looking at the photographs, are the 20-something women more beautiful than the over-50s?

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