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Jillian de Beer

About Me:

Jillian de Beer is an international strategist specialising in enterprise development, economic and community development, networked ecologies and collaborations, destination marketing and the creative industries.

She has worked extensively in the USA, Canada, Europe, Eastern Europe, Australia, and her home country of New Zealand advising more than 55 urban communities and 80 private sector companies, public agencies and non-profit entities on cultural identity and achieving transformational experiences in urban centers through art, context sensitive design, creative architecture and interactive engagement.

She uses her own innovative methodologies to enable cultural mapping and experience audits to support brand positioning solutions within a sustainable framework. She has won international awards for organisational identity.

Jillian is the owner, entrepreneur and strategist for her own New Zealand based business.

Exhibit change by:

Working to capture the authentic expressions of nature, people, creativity and place to inform context sensitive design in the urban environment. Also design, create and implement arts-based transformational programs and activities for participants to personalise with, and realise, their own unique identity and personal means of expression.

I'm passionate about:

Futuring; strategy for sustainable economic development and growth; human ecology; cultural identity; cultural transformation, creative industries; art and context sensitive design in urban centre development; sustainable economic growth