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Patricia tinajero

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I am currently assistant professor of sculpture at the University of Tennessee. I was born next to an imaginary line, Equator, which gives my homeland its name: Parallel 0°0'0": Ecuador. This is my geography. I grew up ten miles south of the Equator, ever conscious of notions such as liminal space and the limit of a frontier between real and imaginary. After living in France for a year I moved to the Unite State, here I have struggled with issues of cultural identity and social practices. I am defining my cultural and social status as 'in-between' or a life at the threshold. The threshold is the place where I neither in nor out, yet I cannot trespass either way therefore the sense of belonging is lost. I have reconciled my rootless existence by taking on environmental and ecological issues that have global effects; I am a global citizen. My work raises questions about cultural identity and social practice.

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I am interested in objects as the product of “cultural metamorphosis” in their capacity to survive, and to continue to produce meaning. My work seeks to contrast cycles of production and consumption, use and abuse, destruction, and yet the possibility of regeneration. I use as many recycled materials as possible; I collect everyday materials such as plastic shopping bags, found strings and some more found and discarded materials to weave into sculptural forms. I extend their life as art objects au lieu of trash that congests landfills.

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