Bianca van Baast

Netherlands, the

  • City, State: oisterwijk
  • Geographic Location: Europe

About me:

Bianca van Baast was born in November 1974 in Tilburg, The Netherlands. As a small child, she told everybody that she was going to become a painter one day. Although nobody believed in her, and after many tribulations, she finished her studies at the Fonty’s Hogescholen and became an art teacher. Instead of teaching, she started painting, like she always said she would. Soon after, she was nominated for The Netherlands Best Artist award. She won a public prize in 2004 for the "Match" artprice. And a honourable mention for the "Beeldend gesproken" artprice in 2008
Bianca’s artwork can be found in several public collections.

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From Exhibiting You:

People try to distinguish themselves from one another with clothing, make-up, hair styles and jewelry. But do all these accessories just enable people to hide their real selves? Do we ever see the person underneath? What causes a human being to want to hide behind a mask? To what extent are we actually different from one another? If you omit all the things that can be used as a mask, I believe that we are more alike than we are different. Ego just stands in the way.

I want to depict real people, completely stripped of accessories with only their essence remaining. The result is a rollercoaster of emotions. My paintings portray tales full of contradictions. They tell of loneliness and togetherness, doubt and progression, violence and love, openness and hiding, struggle and consolation.



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