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Photography has been my passion for most of my life, ever since I received my first camera as a ten year old. Unfortunately I was not born with the ability to paint so the only way to let out the frustrated artist within is through photography. Because I think part of being a photographer is converting life into some sort of art. Not creating art, but having a vision which finds art in everyday objects, and everyday scenes, that capture a moment, that sum up a feeling....And it's all around you. Everyday. You just have to choose to see it.

It's seems like we're hurtling through our lives through a never ending quest to have more and more "things"....and maybe photography is the perfect tool to let you slow down and enjoy the journey and see the journey, and not just hastily get to the destination.

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The International Violence Against Women Act

The International Violence Against Women Act

The International Violence Against Women Act (I-VAWA) is a historic and unprecedented effort of the U.S. government to take leadership in establishing an overall and integrated approach to respond and address violence against women and girls internationally. The Act establishes a Coordinator to Combat Violence Against Women Internationally. The time is now to capitalize on this awareness and support and to enact this comprehensive vision to address the problem of violence against women.


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From Women, Power and Politics:

Kidnapping a Candidate
Women on the campaign trail often face challenges and pronounced threats to their safety and security. One of the most extreme examples is that of Colombian presidential candidate Ingrid Betancourt, kidnapped by guerilla forces in 2002 during her campaign. After six long years of imprisonment, her release seemed hopeless. On July 2nd, 2008, news broke that she and 14 other hostages had been freed in a daring raid by Colombian commandoes. I.M.O.W. looks back at the remarkable saga of this woman and politician.

From Exhibiting You:

When Women Gather

In 2002, I participated in a global congress convened under the auspices of the United Nations. Hundreds of women representing the world's various spiritual traditions came together to talk about how we could individually and collectively advance the peace process. This story describes a unique highlight of that moving experience.


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