Tehea Robie

United States

  • Geographic Location: North America
  • Age: 42

About me:

I’m a graduate of the MFA program at New College of California. I have experience teaching fiction, poetry and spoken word to elementary and high-school children, women in jail, and graduate students. Currently, I live in Oakland, CA. My greatest struggle now is in trying to gain visitation rights for my two non-biological sons. I was a finalist in the Glimmer Train 2005 Short Story Award for New Writers. I’m completing my first novel, Amnesia. My work has been published in Five Fingers Review and Controlled Burn, an anthology. I also compose rhythmic poetry by heart (without writing it down), and perform it around the San Francisco Bay Area. My prose style is reflective of my interest in spoken word.

I'm passionate about:

writing fiction, poetry,screenplay and articles. WORDS! Word power. Manifesting beauty and joy. hiking, biking, camping, working out, swimming, traditional Chinese Medicine, Conscious hip-hop, the GLBT world

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