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(I See life As It Really Is) (Don't Wait For Others To Make Change -Start things Yourself) I was born in London, was an orphan at the age six months , a consequence of war , so war does not stop when the guns go silent but it has long lasting effects on millions of people. As i see life nothing will change unless people stand up, and be counted for what they believe in, i think change will only come about if first we have tolarance for others and their ways of life and their beliefs. If we accept people for who they are and work for the benifit of all then the world will become a better place filled with love and harmony.

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Poetry Writing On Life The Choice Is ours I sometimes wonder if we really care Or just pretend and gaze with vacant stare At all the death and pain in this life Is it not our concern for others strife Or do we feel we want to shout and cry but in the end just walk on by For their grief may be our day of regret For what we left behind we cannot forget Nor if we close our eyes and sit and pray Without change today will be yesterday Have we really become void and cold Ignoring life just growing old And if we stand and never say a word What change will come for no one heard And when we die and look back as we go Will we be satisfied with what we know That one small voice can become a swell Creating paradise where once was h***