Marie Ange Bordas


  • Geographic Location: South America
  • Languages: Portuguese, English, French, Spanish, Italian

About me:

Visual artist,photographer and journalist, Marie Ange Bordas has a Master in Image and Sound by the School of Communications and Arts of the São Paulo University and a degree by the International Center of Photography in New York.

Since 1997 she has focused on using different media to create environments that propose to arouse the public's participation and sensorial perception. Dealing with issues like memory, exile and loss, she tries to bring together the individual and the collective through personal experiences. Her work has been shown in solo and group exhibitions in the United States, Brazil, South Africa, Kenya and Europe.

In the last five years she has been using her artistic and media experience to promote multimedia workshops in different communities affected by conflict and displacement. In 2005 she developed the projects "Living Together" and "Message in a Bottle" in Sri Lanka, where she worked with young people and children affected by religious conflict and by the tsunami.

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Justice for Anna Politkovskaya

Justice for Anna Politkovskaya

Russian journalist Anna Politkovskava was murdered in October of 2006 for reporting on human rights abuses. Help speak the truth about her assassination. --English, French, Spanish.

Take Action for Mao Heng Feng

Take Action for Mao Heng Feng

Don't let a woman's rights activist rot in jail! Send a letter to the Director of the Shanghai Women's Prison asking her to ensure that Mao Heng Feng is treated humanely. --English.

Promote Your African <br>Female Leader!

Promote Your African
Female Leader!

Nominate an African woman for a leadership position to Femmes Africa Solidarité. Her name will be added to a database that institutions will reference when filling vacancies --English.

Promote Political Liberty

Promote Political Liberty

Send an e-mail to the UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon and help free Aung San Suu Kyi, one of the world's most renowned freedom fighters and proponents of nonviolence --English.

Help End Women

Help End Women's Poverty: Support the GROWTH Act

The Global Resources and Opportunities for Women to Thrive (GROWTH) Act would address some of the most critical economic barriers women that keep women in poor countries from earning an income, barriers such as unequal property rights, lack of access to credit and trade, and poor wages and working conditions.

For the GROWTH Act to be passed, it needs concerned citizens to urge Congress to support it. Send an automatic letter to your Senators and Representatives asking them to support the bill.

Support Las Madres

Support Las Madres

Show solidarity and demand justice for the disappeared children of Las Madres. Join their Thursday protests on the Plaza in Buenos Aires. --Spanish

Indigenous Women Lead

Indigenous Women Lead

Are you an Indigenous woman? Do you want to promote social change in your community? If so, the Emerging Activist Leadership Program is for you! Enroll in this leadership development program offered by the Indigenous Women's Network.


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