Luciana Francis

United Kingdom

  • City, State: London
  • Geographic Location: Europe
  • Languages: Portuguese, English, Art and Fiction.
  • Age: 38

About me:

Writer, Anthropologist and Multimedia Practitioner.

My Web site:

Visit My Web site (

Exhibit change by:

by finding your voice in the world and using it.

I'm passionate about:

Art, Human Condition, Women's History,(im)Migration

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From Women, Power and Politics:

Imagine beautiful, rugged landscapes of snow-covered mountains and blossoming orchard valleys. Envision the women and men who live there, the farmers and teachers and community members who raise their children between contested country lines.

From Women, Power and Politics:

When Tradition Empowers Women
Light falls on Chefchaouen, scattering a palette of blues. This hilly town in Northern Morocco is known for its indigos and robin's-egg blue doors and windowsills, making the sky feel closer to earth. Somewhere inside a group of women gather, dressed in beautiful embroidered robes. The room is filled with anticipation of the hadra, spiritual ceremony which is about to begin. Ms. Rahuoum El-Bekkali nods to her accompanist, who plays the Bendir drum. The women's choir begins to sing.

From Women, Power and Politics:

Fashion Is Political
Robin Givhan, the Pulitzer prize-winning fashion editor for the Washington Post, writes about the fashion industry and the ways in which it influences the lives of ordinary people who seldom find themselves walking along a red carpet. She refuses to accept the notion that fashion is somehow for "other" people. Instead, her goal is to show her readers that we all participate in "fashion" every time we dress ourselves. Fashion, in her opinion, is the most personal form of communication we have. It expresses who we are, and, more important, it expresses how we wish to be perceived.


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