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Michaela Pilar Brown

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I am an artist. I am a sculptor, film maker, writer and curator. I studied sculpture and art history at Howard University and have worked as non-profit administrator in the are of education and as an arts administrator.

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At 30 years of age I left a very independent life in the city to care for my aging father in a small southern very rural town. It was the beginning of my efforts to capture, keep and focus on the remarkable lives of the elder community. I began an oral history project documenting the lives of ordinary Americans who have been witness to extrordinary change. History belongs to those brave enough to tell their side of the story. In two years I've collected hundreds of hours of videos and hundreds of scanned photos and documents. The video has been collected with the help of student interns. I am imploring young people to change the world by connecting them with a generation who have already made the journey.

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Women and violence, tolerance, youth and community development Find me also at: