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Mary Jo Magar

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After training for a career as a ballerina, Mary Jo Magar became a self-taught artist.

As a professional painter, sculptor, photographer, poet, author, playwright, jewelry and fashion designer, current events are a primary source of inspiration for Ms. Magar's artworks, which are accompanied by original literature as part of the Poetic Art collections of her Boutique of Arts galleries.

Her poetry and writings of fiction and philosophy have been published in periodicals internationally. Her artworks are in private collections worldwide and have been featured academically as part of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).

In 2005, Ms. Magar designed an Internet postcards site that presents her paintings, sculptures, and photographs as electronic greeting cards accompanied by music or sound effects that enhance or elaborate each artwork’s theme.

She is a strong proponent of Internet development, particularly for artists, believing that the ever-burgeoning worldwide web is itself a universal gallery unlimited by time and space and therefore in many ways superior to “brick and mortar” galleries and museums.

Also a songwriter, Ms. Magar, in 2005, produced the music CD album titled "Pax Americana" composed of fifteen original songs about occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan by U.S./Coalition forces.

"Pax Americana" won the 2006 Album of the Year Award (Independent category) at the Los Angeles Music Awards.

Ms. Magar’s most recent project is a dual clothing line: “Poeteco," which uses organic sustainable fabrics embellished with original artworks and poetry, and “Frankenstock,” a portmanteau label derived from “Frankenstein” and “peacock,” referring to her recycling of discarded fabrics, buttons, tapestries, etc., to create new articles of clothing that are hence compassionate to the environment.

Her Boutique of Arts galleries can be visited at

Ms. Magar's articles for this project can also be read unedited on her Boutique of Arts web site, the page titled "Articles."

She was born in Las Vegas, Nevada and now resides there.

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Among her interests are classical ballet (Vaganova method) and Middle Eastern dance as complementary, contrasting forms of self-expression, femininity, and feminism.