Irene Marx


  • Geographic Location: Europe
  • Age: 6

About me:

I am a self employed artist and graphic designer, currently based in Berlin, Germany. Throughout my life I have travelled extensively, including extended stays in Australia, Latin America, and the USA. Travelling is a very important part of my life. Being in different countries allows me to put things back into balance and to see things from different perspectives and in different relations.

I'm passionate about:

The world we live in.

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From Economica:

Western influence is undeniable. The dollar rules even the remotest villages in the Guatemalan mountains. In Las Americas, artist Irene Marx mixes photography and digital art to depict a little Guatamalan girl drinking coke--perhaps the most globally recognized companies in the world. Behind her, the Guatamalan qutzal is crossed out, with a conspicuous red arrow pointing to the American dollar instead, showing that even from a young age, this young girl will be living and partaking in a globalized economy where western profits reign supreme.



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