Alex Nysten


  • City, State: Beirut
  • Geographic Location: Middle East and North Africa
  • Languages: French, English, Arabic, Finnish, Spanish.

About me:

I have nothing to say about my art but I do believe in it. I believe in hands covered in paint, clay, dirt and sweat, the dash of graphite marked on the side of an artists eye. I believe in street artists and clacking of high heels sipping of champagne at art exhibits. I believe in forgetting to sign ones artwork and a fingerprint found on the side of a canvas of a great masters painting. I believe in dried flowers pressed in sketchbooks, boxes full of pens that no longer work, paint dried on brushes and covering with white work that the artist doesn't like anymore. I believe in touching art at museums and talking to it if needed. I believe in placing paintings on the floor. I believe in staring at people on public transportation and noticing the red socks of a businessman. I believe in being jealous of mathematicians, getting inspired by a random rock next to an Egyptian pyramid and not having an opinion on art.

Yasmina Alexandra Nysten was born and raised in Helsinki Finland, moved to Cannes France for 2 years and then again to Beirut Lebanon where she has lived for the past ten years. She has a Bachelors degree in Fine arts from ALBA university Beirut (Academie Libanaise des Beaux-arts). She has participated in several collective exhibitions: Phoenicia Intercontinental Beirut Wedding Fair (2002), Metropolitan Hotel Beirut (2002), Art Lounge (exhibition called:"Shou tabkha ya mara") in association with Xanadu art Beirut (2003), Tribecca restaurant (2005), American University of Beirut (exhibition called "faces")(2005), Deir Elkalaa Country Club (Lebanon)(2006), Espace SD (exhibition called:"Nafas Beirut" which translates to the breath of Beirut, post war exhibition) also in association with Xanadu art Beirut (2006), Blue salon (exhibition called "the Arabic female artist") (Qatar, Doha), Photography summer residency at the school of visual arts exhibition (2008) (New York)
The Finnish Lebanese artist claims to be newly part of the art world therefor has not much of an artistic biography on paper yet. She confesses having a turbulent ever-changing style which she considers an advantage at times and an obstacle at others.

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