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About me:

Umber Kazmi is an artist born in Karachi and raised in Bahrain. She holds a Master of Architecture from Newschool of Architecture at San Diego, CA and a Bachelor of Science in Architectural Studies from University of Illinois at Champaign, IL. She has practiced architecture in UAE, California, Illinois, and Florida. Currently, she is pursuing professional licensure as an Architect and serves as Adjunct Faculty at Newschool of Architecture.

As an educator, Umber teaches Structural Engineering courses to graduate level students. She has also taught life drawing, graphic design, and architecture.

As an artist, Umber has served as a resident at the Dreyfoos School of the Arts, FL and Studio 420, CA. Her work has been exhibited and highlighted in several publications. Although her art is diverse, it mainly focuses on the idea of the ‘heroine’. Her significant artwork includes the ‘Blue Girl’ series and the ‘Desi Girl’ series. These pieces were exhibited at the Sadaa: Voices of Women Festival in Seattle, WA in October 2004. The ‘Enuf!’ piece was published in Seattle Weekly and Seattle PI upon the opening of Festival.

Currently, Umber is a Designer and Urban Planner working on international projects in the Middle East. Her diverse experience along with a passion for travel has conditioned her to be successful as an artist and designer. Her upcoming work includes the 'Funkaar' series.

She is also the founder and director of Funkaar Studios.

I'm passionate about:

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A woman from a suppressed culture raises her hand to say "enough." This piece was published in Seattle Weekly as part of the Voices of Women exhibit.  

From Community:

In Rajastan desert, nomadic performers play music by the moonlight. The musicians are often family members consisting of husband, wife, children and other relatives.  


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