Ayesha Khan


  • Geographic Location: Europe

About me:

My paintings often make a commentary on social issues; at times my work nuances the complexities involved with living in diverse cultures.

Solo and Group Exhibitions:
San Francisco

I'm passionate about:

Community Service
Social Work

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From Community:

Ravaging Gaza
Ravaging Gaza is an enactment of vulnerability and destruction skewed together in this mixed media composition of red and black. As I kept seeing images of Gaza ruined, my brush stokes became boisterous. Later the same brush strokes became almost destructive. The land for me is reminiscent of a woman – it blossoms when nurtured and shrivels into decay when besieged. And Ravaging Gaza resonates with a sadness that is not just confined to a particular part of the world but juts out across boundaries wherever there is destruction of land or woman.  

From Exhibiting You:


Visual artist Ayesha Khan depicts women's self-exploration in this almost raw and unfinished rectangular panel composition. She represents women's survival in society, seen as a struggle between chaos and calm. The social stigma that promotes women as objects of desire is completely invalidated; rather, a torn, disjointed female body is represented. The female figure is complete while at the same time incomplete; its incompleteness echoes the progression towards the coming of age while the degradation of the figure symbolizes the rejection of the ideal woman.  


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