Welcome to the International Museum of Women (IMOW), now part of the Global Fund for Women

The International Museum of Women has merged with Global Fund for Women in a bold move to increase global awareness and action on women's rights. The merger brings together IMOW's skills in awareness raising, online advocacy and digital story-telling with the Global Fund's expertise in issues, grantmaking and fundraising.

Under the terms of the merger, IMOW will become a part of Global Fund for Women, evolving and strengthening our work to illuminate critical issues, tell important stories, and amplify the voices of women who might otherwise go unheard. The merger will allow us to reach new audiences, access deep global expertise and spur wider action for gender equality.

IMOW and Global Fund for Women are united by their vision of an equitable world for women and girls.

IMOW's culture, media and online advocacy programming complements Global Fund's on-the-ground relationships and grant-making activities. Together, IMOW and Global Fund will engage more than one million visitors per year through social media, email and Web, in effect doubling our impact as separate entities.

The merger builds on IMOW's work as an innovative online museum showcasing art, stories and ideas to celebrate, inspire and advance the lives of women around the world. The museum's recent online multi-media projects have included Muslima: Muslim Women's Art & Voices, which counters stereotypes of Muslim Women, and MAMA: Motherhood Around the Globe, which raised awareness of global maternal health.

Read the full news release about the merger.

Merger FAQs

Q: Why merge?

A:IMOW and Global Fund for Women share a vision- a just, equitable and sustainable world in which women and girls have resources, voice, choice and opportunities to realize their human rights. Global Fund's strengths are its networks, impact grantmaking and grounding in women's human rights. IMOW's strengths are "changing hearts and minds" through inspiring online content, high quality curation, digital story-telling and the arts. We've come to realize that we can pursue our shared vision more strongly together - and that the return for the world's women will be greater.

Q: What is the name of the merged organization?

A: Global Fund for Women, as the Global Fund is the larger organization and the legal entity that will carry forward after the merger (Global Fund for Women has 50 staff and an annual budget of approx. $18M and IMOW has an annual budget of just under $1M). Global Fund is already in a process of reviewing its brand, and the merger with IMOW will now feed into that process. In the short term the IMOW name, brand and website will continue as we work to bring the two organizations and brands together.

Q: What will happen to the IMOW name and website?

A: For now, the IMOW website and name will remain. In the longer term we aim to create a single website and brand for the merged organization and the IMOW name will discontinue. You will see a number of changes in the months and year ahead as the results of the merger unfold.

Q: What about IMOW's online content and exhibitions?

A: We will continue to produce exciting online multi-media projects and exhibitions. Our first joint project will launch in June 2014 and is titled Imagining Equality: Your Voices on Women's Human Rights. The project will showcase the voices, art and ideas of women all over the world on the future of women's human rights.

Q: Is there a danger that IMOW becomes just "PR " for Global Fund for Women?

A: No, this merger is about far more than PR. The merger will create a global voice for unheard women and women's issues all over the world - especially on the issues of Zero Violence, Political and Economic Empowerment and Sexual and Reproductive Health. We recognize that such a voice, and the awareness raising and advocacy that goes with it, is essential to achieving global human rights for women and girls. This work will be a major pillar of the merged organization's work and theory of change. And it will draw both from within and beyond existing Global Fund grantees and networks.

Q: Who will lead the merged organization?

A: Musimbi Kanyoro is the CEO and President of Global Fund for Women. Clare Winterton, IMOW's Executive Director, becomes the VP of Advocacy and Innovation at Global Fund for Women.

Q: Will the Global Fund for Women and IMOW boards merge?

A: No. Reflective of the respective sizes of the two organizations, two members of the IMOW board will join Global Fund's board . They are Roxane Divol, IMOW Board Chair and Chandra Alexandre, IMOW's Board Secretary.

Q: What does the Founder of IMOW think about the merger?

A: IMOW's Founding President Elizabeth Colton is also a long-standing supporter of Global Fund for Women and has is one of the visionaries who instigated this merger exploration and dialogue. Elizabeth now joins the lineage of founders of the merged organization. She was active in speaking to key stakeholders and donors about the potential of the merger and we are deeply grateful for her help in bringing this exciting vision to fruition.

Q: How was this merger funded?

A: IMOW is deeply grateful to a community of leading individual and corporate donors who helped bring this merger to reality. Their generosity means that IMOW was able to pre-fundraise over $700,000 to support the merger and its early operating expenses. You can add your contribution today to make sure that IMOW's work and programs continue thrive within the merged organization.

Q: What happens to IMOW members and donors?

A: We look forward to the continued engagement of IMOW donors and members in the merged organization. Your support means more to us than ever as we bring the full potential of this merger to reality.

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